Caracal Software Solutions is a software solutions provider with a focus on cloud based software systems.

The systems that we source and include in our product suite all have the following in common:

Agility: Scale-ability, great user experience, open API's (easy to integrate into other systems), relevant, fair pricing & self system management features.

Robust security, reliability, back-up & support

Caracal Software Solutions was started in 2012 to initially promote Mobiwork Mobile Workforce Solution, but realising that cloud based systems will eventually be the norm, and with big data and IOT growing exponentially, we have positioned Caracal Software Solutions as the "Go-to" when business owners and managers want to introduce new, agile and robust cloud based software systems into their businesses.


We pride ourselves on our customer orientated service attitude and the partners we have chosen to deliver on our brand promise of

"Agile & Robust software solutions"

We invite your to engage with us.

Ben Booysen - CEO