Improve your business's cash-flow 




EBPP is the electronic presentation of invoices and statements, and the corresponding payment for goods or services. In other words, a paperless system for sending bills and returning payment electronically. EBPP offers organisations an opportunity to dramatically improve cashflow, increase competitiveness and improve customer service.


an electronic billing system solution that enables a company to send invoices, via email or SMS, to customers (almost) instantly.

It then allows customers to pay the amount due by clicking  on the invoice link and the system records all of these interactions, and keep a complete audit trail of the entire process.

EBPP offers:

  • An unique and secure customer web-based portal with ability to do bulk uploads of outstanding invoices

  • Online, integrated using multiple channels (Email, SMS, Mobile, ATM, EFT)

  • Online, paperless & cost-effective disbursements & remittance

  • Ability to provide payment options, payment plans and recurring payments

  • Integrated with all of the most prominent payment channels (Credit & debit card, EFT, Cash deposit @ ATM)

  • Further possible integration into MobiWork, alternate integration into legacy ERP solutions

INTEGRATE the debit order system & EBPP and fast-track the collection of FAILED debit orders

Top 5 reasons to implement EBPP:

  • Increased Collection & Reducing Debtor Days - Invoices are delivered immediately thereby reducing debtors days and facilitating a faster payment cycle.

  • Reduced Labour Costs – online bill presentment reduces costs by up to 90%, and auditing and reconciliation efforts are optimised and automated.

  • Self-Service & Security - reduction in telephonic-based customer service due to the self- service nature of the on-line environment.

  • Increased Marketing Opportunities offers a powerful marketing platform that allows for targeted marketing messages to be included in each email.

  • Convenience to customers - pay bills electronically in a private and secure fashion.