Our franchisees are resellers of 5 cloud based software systems.


The solutions are;

1. Mobile Workforce Solution called MobiWork,

2. VOIP & connectivity from 3CX

3. an Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment solutions

4. a Cloud based ERP solution: Acumatica, and

5. iOT solutions specialising in farming, heavy vehicle and freight industries and home automation & security.


 The franchisees sell the solutions to their customer base and for as long as the customers are using the systems, they earn a monthly income based on a mix of utilisation fees and subscription commission.

The franchisor helps with marketing,branding, project implementation, training and support.

If you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Caracal Software Solutions offers a comprehensive business productivity suite that enables businesses to maximise their workforce utilisation by  automating and digitising their operations in order to become more productive and efficient, and ultimately improve cash flow and  profitability.


Is Flexible

  • Scalability — cloud infrastructure can scale quickly to support a growing business’ needs.

  • Flexible licensing — pay-per-use cost.

  • Security — paramount security measures including data encryption, access control and user permissions.


Improves Efficiency

  • Comprehensive workforce management — complete mobile resource management, from field sales and services, to asset management       invoicing and payments.

  • Accessibility — ability to access the solution (and information) from anywhere. Increase productivity — seamless integration between cloud and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets, both Android and IOS).

  • Digitisation — reduce manual capturing (and re-capturing) of information.

  • Visibility — increased visibility of total customer interaction with dashboards and reporting.



Has Strategic Value to the business owner

  • Lower cost of ownership — reduce and eliminate capital investment in technology platforms, no need to ever buy hardware or software again.

  • Faster Time-to-Value — with seamless operations, rapid and swift operational onboarding through templatised configuration and agile onboarding services.

  • Reduce operational costs — Fully managed cloud-based technology platform, that is scalable to grow with your business.

Why a Caracal Software Solutions Franchise?

A mobile digital business that can be managed from anywhere.

  • Operational support in terms of:

    • Customer service and support,

    • Back-end configuration and technical solutions,

    • Billing and payment solutions.

  • Marketing support:

    • Online campaigns via multiple platforms to generate leads,

    • Marketing material.

  • Access to our learning materials and other business resources.

  • Complete and immediate access to our suite of productivity-focused, cloud-based solutions that addresses the operational challenges of all businesses, irrespective of size.

    • MobiWork — cloud-based Software-as-a-Service, smartphone and mobile workforce solution.

    • Cloud VOIP PBX — hosted cloud-based Voice-over-IP telephony solution that requires a small initial capital investment.

    • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment — online, integrated and paperless invoice distribution, collection and payment solution.

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - cloud based ERP from one of the fastest growing ERP providers in the world.

    • iOT - our sensors and systems bring the data collected to life. Data collection, reporting and exception management and real-time information is what these iOT solutions are all about. 

  • Access to our portfolio of Professional Services for larger implementations, where required, including Project and Change Management and Technical resources.

  • International opportunities — because our solutions are cloud-based and address the needs for any SMB business that wants to optimise, it can be sold anywhere!