“MobiWork has been super easy to use and is a perfect fit for us. We were even able to configure the solution to address the specific needs of our company.” – Vicky Texidor, Office Manager of RESCOMM

Mobile Workforce Software Solution


MobiWork is a cloud-based mobile workforce solution that dramatically increases productivity, reduces costs and provides real-time information on every aspect of your business’ operations.


Top 5 reasons to use Mobiwork

  • Productivity – eliminate paper-based processes through remote worker scheduling & job assignments

  • Profitability – increase cashflows and reduce payment delays through integrated, online invoicing and optimise remote worker scheduling

  • Compliance – meet contractual obligations, and integrated record-keeping directly from smartphone to central server

  • Efficiency – allocating & dispatching job cards electronically to closest & best skilled resources

  • Insights – real-time information through visual integrated dashboards and information

While every business is unique MobiWork can be easily configured to fit the clients’ business no matter how specific the requirements and industry. The system is easy to configure and can also be integrated into existing finance and ERP platforms.

Integrated MobiWork & Electronic Bill Presentment & Payments solution:


Integrating the VOIP, MobiWork and the EBPP systems allows for:

  • single reference number to be pulled through from logging the job to bank statement

  • onsite (for mobile teams) invoice creation (in MobiWork) and the immediate sending of the invoice (and payment link) to the customer via SMS or email.

  • This enables the customer to then make immediate payment for the work done, using any of the the payment options offered.