• Ben Booysen

How to keep your business operating during load shedding

For any business owner, load shedding has become a serious challenge. Power cuts result in staff being unable to work because computers and networks don't work resulting in massive losses in productivity, which in most cases CAN'T BE RECOVERED.

We have a few practical solutions that companies can implement and we acknowledge the fact that it will result in money being spent, but the reality of continuous electricity cuts for the next 12 to 24 months will convince any business owner/manager to spend the money or risk closing his business.

The 5 things to do are:

1. Use LTE wi-fi routers as back-up to your fibre/adsl network (with back up UPS units)

2. Get laptops for your staff. The build in wi-fi router takes care of connectivity issues. Make your staff mobile and allow them to work from home. With the right systems, you can measure their productivity and efficiency in real-time.

3. Move your servers into the cloud. This way, if the electricity goes down, your LTE routers enable data transfer.

4. Use Cloud based software systems like MobiWork or Acumatica (ERP) to manage your business.

5. Call us or leave you details on the website.

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