• Ben Booysen

Opportunities for the retrenched

I have in the last three months encountered three friends who have been retrenched or who is busy going through the process. These professionals all works at bluechip companies and most interesting, all are in the ICT sectors.

Seems like the ICT companies are cleaning house in order to comply to the BEE requirements that our SA Government is now starting to enforce though legal action. This is a sad reality and will affect all size businesses!

However as one door closes, new opportunities opens up. We believe that our Franchise offering is such an opportunity. People who have been operating in the ICT industry doing all sorts of things can now use their skills, knowledge and business network to setup their own Cloud based software reseller business.

Our franchise is affordable,scalable, provides an annuity income and can be operated from home and off-course, being a franchisee, one is in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

For more information, please visit https://www.caracalsolutions.co.za/


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